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Mika's Mission

Mika's mission is to create top-quality products through unique formulas while spreading awareness about Alzheimer's disease through various resources, research articles, support groups for patients, and donations to the association. A dedication to my late grandmother, I aspire to educate my community on the early signs of dementia in recognition of the potential lifestyle changes it may cause.

with love, 

lexi nishimura


Alzheimer's Resources 

a variety of resources to further educate and spread awareness about dementia and alzheimer's (will be frequently updated)


About us.

When I was younger, my favorite pastime was rummaging through my grandma's makeup drawers in hopes of finding her various lipsticks. She loved all colors and often wore a different one each day. Since she passed from Alzheimer's, I wanted to create a project that I am passionate about and would honor her memory. My grandmother, who gave me the name Mika, said it represents "true beauty." The perfect blend of modern and youth, Mika Beauty was born.

Make a donation to the Alzheimer's Association!

About Haru Nishimura

As one of two grandchildren who grew up in the Bay Area, I spent a lot of time with her throughout my childhood. She used to babysit me twice a week before I started Kindergarten and would look after me once my school days were over. During this period of time, I experienced many things with her. Even though she had Alzheimer’s before I was born, I still remember going on exciting adventures with her being as lively as ever. Whether it was getting lost on our way to the park or baking experimentally in her kitchen, we always made the best of our time together. One of my favorite memories was taking walks with both her and my grandfather at six in the morning in either Newport Beach or Pacific Grove. Spending time with them was always the highlight of my vacation days.


Even when my family would visit her in the care home, she always tried her best to remember us. When I was younger, she would attempt to teach me Japanese...but I never picked it up. Because of her, I started taking Japanese in 6th grade. As her Alzheimer’s progressed to the last stages, she forgot how to speak English and reverted only to speaking Japanese. Even though I was no longer a familiar face, she still tried interacting with me as best as she could. She really had a profound impact on me and the person I am today, and I will forever be grateful for the love and kindness she showed me even up until her very last days.

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